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Functional Art

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The Functional Art of Nicola L.

In the thirty years since her first exhibitions, Nicola L. has returned to the body on numerous occasions, producing extremely limited editions of lamps, see-through planters, aquariums, storage containers, tables, and her famous "Femme Commode" and "Femme Coffre Fort".
She had her first show at Daniel Templon Gallery Paris in 1969, followed by many exhibitions in european galleries and museums, as well as a show in New York at Wadell Gallery in 1973.
She moved to New York in 1979 where her functional work was featured between 1986 and 2009 in numerous galleries including: Alan Moss, Vrej Baghoomian, Peder Bonier, Wooster Projects as well as Twentieth Gallery in L.A. and 21st21st Gallery in NYC. She had a major retrospective show at Ingrao Gallery, NYC in 2006.

She is currently showing her work at Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Galerie Favardin & de Verneuil and Galerie Catberro in Paris. Nicola is part of the show 'Elles' at Centre Pompidou, Paris which will be shown for a year. At the same time she is part of the show 'Elles á l'honneur' at Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, Paris.

Nicola’s work is frequently featured in auctions at Christie's, Sotheby's, and Bonhams & Butterfield.
Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Beaubourg, Antwerpen Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Modern Art of Glasgow, The Collection of The Frac Bretagne and many private American and European collections.

Angel Sculpture Lamp, 2009
Edition 1/8
White and translucent plexi, 77”
Warrior Angel Lamp, 2009
Edition 1/8
Polished & Perforated Steel, 77”
The Eye Table, 2008 (coffee table)
Edition of 8, Artist Collection
Glass, Plexi in various colors
60" x 40" x 20"

The Eye, 2008 (large lamp for wall)
Edition of 8, Artist Collection
Plexi, various colors
35" x 23.5"

Ceramic Cinema Plates, 2007
Series of 14 different directors (Visconti)
38.5 cm x 24.6 cm
Galerie Favardin de Verneuil, Paris
Egg Table Sculpture (in two pieces) 2005
Wood, Eggs, Plexi, Base in metal
Fishtank, 2005
(Plexi, Filter)
20 in. high

Isis and Osiris, 2005
Marble, Base in metal
19 in. high x 16 in. wide

Head and Snail, 2005
(Marble and Granite, Base in metal
19 in. high x 16 in. wide

Woman Console, 2005
(Wood, Marble or Onyx, and Base in Steel
57 in. length x 12 in. wide x 34 in. high

Duo Snail Head Lamps 2003
(Plexi, 25 in. high)

Green Head Sofa 1989
(Upholstery, Wool, Cotton, 80 x 40 in.)

Blue Snail Sofa
(Upholstery, Wool, Cotton, 80 x 50 in.)
Eye Ceiling Lamp 2004
(Plexi, 35 x 23 inches)
Eyes Lamps For The Wall 2004
(Plexi, various colors, 17 in. long)

Library Head 1996
Edition of 1/6
(Mixed media, 64 x 84 inches )

Aquarium Head Bar 1996
(Wood, Plexi, 6ft. High)

Snail Wardobe 1996
Edition of 1/6, numbered & signed
(Mixed media-wood, leather, mirror
84 x 74 x 21 inches)

Snail Wardobe Interior Drawing 1996
Birds Cage 1996
Edition of 1/6, numbered & signed
(Steel, 84 x 78 x 21in.)

Snail Chandelier 1996
Edition 1/6
(Welded steel, 84 x 78 x 4 in.)

Snail Table on Snail Rug 1994
(Table-aluminum & glass, 4ft Dia.)
(Rug-wool, 7ft. Dia.)

Fountain 1992
(Plexi, base in marble, 6 feet high)
Giant Fire Head 1991
(Steel , candles, base on wheels, 6 feet high)
Little Fire Head 1991
(Steel , candles, 18 inches high)
Snail Bedroom 1990
-as seen through Snail Mirror
(Carpet, wood, upholstery)

Roman Emperors Lamps 1989
(Steel, Glass or Plexi, 96" high)

The Transparent 1989
Large Coffee Table
(Iron and glass, 78 x 65 x 17 in. high)
Twelve Faces Rug 1989
(Wool, 84 inches square)
The Library 1989
first side view
(Wood, 96 x 72 x 60 inches)
The Library 1989
second side view
(Wood, 96 x 72 x 60 inches)

The Garden Head 1989
(Wood, metal, chicken wire,
earth, and vegetation, 7 x 8 feet high)

La Tete Folding Dining Table 1989
(Formica & aluminum, 84 x 84 inches)
Sofa Head 1989
(White vinyl, platform in wood, 75 inches long)
Head & Snail Lamps 1989
(Perforated Steel, 23 in. high)

Téte a Téte Plate 1989
Series of 24
(Ceramic, 11 inches diameter)

Turning Table 1967 - 1989
(Laqcuered wood, 18 x 29 inches)

Installation of the 60s Work
for the photographer Susumu Sato, D.R.
New York, 1994

Tete Cultivee 1970
(Plexi, 36 inches high)
Mondrian Dresser 1970
Dresser in 4 pieces
(Wood covered vinyl, Mirrored top
36 x 36 inches each.)

View of The Elaine Bokanoski Apartment, Paris 1970 with
The Woman Trunc Chair and

Two Eyes Lamps

Two Prototypes of the
Woman Trunk Chairs, 1970
The Hand Sofa 1970-1972
(Upholstery covered by white vinyl, 75 inches long)
Eye Table 1970
with removable pupil-top
(Lacquered wood, 20 inches high)
The Giant Sofa 1970
(Upholstery covered by vinyl, acrylic fur, 7 feet long)
Black Body Rug 1970
(Wool, 7 foot square)
Woman Table 1967-70
(Wood and plexiglass, 6 feet long)
The Lovers Wardobe 1968-1970
(Wood, 46.5 inches wide x 7 feet high)
The Bartender 1970
(Wood, upholstery covered by vinyl, 5 feet 10 inches high)
Woman Pregnant From TV, 1970
(Brown vinyl, Television)
Woman Pregnant From TV, 1970
(White vinyl, Television)
La Femme Commode 1969
New Edition 1997
(Steel, 5 ft. 10 in. high)
La Femme Commode (Original) 1969
(Wood, 5 ft. 10 in. high)
The Lips lamp 1969
(plexiglass and metal -50 in. hi.)

Edition of 25 numbered & signed 1969
Edition of 25 numbered & signed 2000
Click to see detail The Eye Lamp 1969
(Base and tube in metal 72 in. hi. eye
in plastic polychrome 10 hi 20 in wi)

Edition of 50 numbered & signed -1969
Edition of 25 numbered & signed -2000
Click to see detail The Red Foot 1967-1968
Edition 1/50, numbered and signed
(Vinyl- All Colors, 69 in. long)
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The First Foot
The Red Foot was really conceived during my first stay in New York from 1966-1968, I cut and sewed, by myself, a huge leg-column in plastic, that started at the ceiling and ended with a chaise lounge made out of a big foot on the floor where we could sit. Without knowing it, I was doing my first piece of functional art.

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